Transporting Heavy Duty to the Moon


I have published a proposal for building powerplants on the Moon. This plants would solve mankinds energy problem, and could provide the cheapest energy ever, cheaper than waterpower. They base on a radical approach to make the well proven technology of thermonuclear bombs available for engergy production. In stone caves, deep beneath the lunar surface they produce huge amounts of hot steam that powers turbines and generators on the surface of the moon which send their electric energy by means of microwave beams to relais sattelites in earth orbit which distribute the energy to receiving stations near cities on earth. At this time I’m 80 percent sure that the plants will work. For most technical problems I could find a practical solution, sometimes even alternatives. But there are still three technical problems to solve, that could endager a realization. From a physical point of view the plants will surely work. If You are interested in this subject You can read about the Nomad Fusion Reactor here [1].

One of the three technical problems that are still open is to find a way to bring the materials for each plant to the Moon for about less than $10 billion dollars. That seems to be a lot for raw transportation cost, at the first view. But it is not so much money, if we have to carry turbine parts of up to 200 tons to the lunar surface. And not only one. Many of them! I will show a way to solve this huge technical problem in this article.