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Since Monstermaschine started at 23th of April in 2012, it is continuously inspiring leaders, billionaires and visionary of all countries in the world. Monstermaschine is THE think tank of postmodern humanistic ideas. It is spreading out valid ideas against the antihumanistic machine – we have unfortunately established more or less accidentally since the beginning of the digital age. Therefor some of the thinking, you will read in this blog, is quite important for the life of your successors, even if you might not understand, why, at this moment in time. I will try to present some of the most important ideas. Your great-grandchildren will surely understand.

First of all: Rock is an Ocean

You can conduct huge thermodynamic processes on planetary bodies of the solar system (and far beyond), which do not have any mentionable atmosphere and no liquid water at all by using the bedrock as capacity. Similar to the atmosphere and oceans on Earth, that buffer the heat of all thermodynamic processes of power plants and in the end radiates it into space, the bedrock on other planetary bodies can be used.

An anytime buildable explosive fusion power plant, that sets free heat in spherical underground caverns is probably the best candidate to do so. Very well proven technology for this kind of fusion power source exists since 1952. The plant wanders with the time in a big circle, deep below the surface of the celestial body. Like a chain of spheres, one cavern after the other is blown by nuclear explosives. One day, after at least several hundred years, cavern zero is cooled down to environment temperature again and can be reused. The chain of caverns is closing then and the circular process of explosions starts again. This power plant might become – because of it’s simplicity – the most important machine in the next hundred millenia of human history.

The building of huge power plants on other celestial bodies than our Earth was not possible up to now, because of thermodynamic reasons. Each bigger power generator in the gigawatt output range would have meant to carry millions of tons of dump metal sheet radiators with it, only to keep the machine in it’s necessary thermodynamic circular process. With the Nomad Fusion Reactor, that uses bedrock as an ocean, we have now unlimited access to huge amounts of electric power on any celestial body in the solar system and the whole galaxy.

Rock is an ocean – a very simple idea.

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Methoden zur Ueberwindung stellarer Distanzen

Gestern habe ich zufaelligerweise den Animationsfilm „Alien Planet“ von 2005 gesehen, eine Fernsehdokumentation, in der versucht wurde mit vom Computer generierten Filmsequenzen eine Sondenmission zu einem hypothetischen extrasolaren Planeten namens „Darwin 4“ in 6,5 Lichtjahren Entfernung nachzustellen [1]. Das Drehbuch beruht auf Zeichnungen des amerikanischen Kuenstlers Wayne Barlow, der in einem seiner Buecher 1990 [2] eine interstellare Forschungsreise umrissen hatte. Zu den Animationssequenzen von Alien Planet sind immer wieder die Kommentare einiger Wissenschaftler und Filmschaffender zu sehen, u.a. treten der Physiker Stephen Hawking und der Regisseur George Lucas auf. In Alien Planet geht es neben den hypothetischen Kreaturen vor allem um die irdische Explorationstechnik, in Form von robotischen Ballonsonden „Leo“ und „Ike“, Landefaehren (von denen eine aehnlich der Columbia 2003 beim Wiedereintritt verglueht) und einem interstellaren Mutterschiff namens „Von Braun“ [3].

Quelle: [1]

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