Space Program

Monstermaschine develops a space program. The goal is to build interstellar probes and arks to settle down on the newly discovered hundreds of extrasolar planets. Needing a start-up financing by the tax payer it begins to return money after a short time by selling extremely cheap primary nuclear energy to earth. The financial break even point shall be reached at the same time the building of space arks starts. From there on the space program self-finances and the arks shall cost the tax payer nothing.

Therefor engineer Peter Mueller has invented a new way to utilize fusion energy by means of hydrogen detonators on the moon. They can be build to provide more than 99% fusion energy. They are detonated in deep artificial caves beneath the moon and don’t harm anyone. They can provide huge amounts of energy of gigawatts in long time horizons. Their energy will finally become cheaper than waterpower on earth. The latter is a simple question of size and these plants can be built of literally any size.

These Nomad Fusion Reactors – how they are called because of the thermodynamic necessity to move them regularly some kilometers – provide primary energy. The energy is sold to earth. With the money a chemical rocket transportation system to the moon is payed and material from earth is brought to new growing moon cities.

Most of the building material for the arks (concrete and aluminium) is produced on the moon by means of melting moon rock with cheap and literally endless electric energy. Many of the material is taken from asteroids and comets with the help of construction platforms based on the Orion nuclear propulsion. Only a small fraction of the building materials for the arks is purchased from earth. The Orion based construction platforms have their home port on the moon as long they are propelled by means of plutonium fission detonations. Later when pure fusion detonators are practically available they can start from anywhere, also from earth.

With realistic flying platforms propelled by pure fusion nuclear detonation it becomes possible to move huge masses in the solar system, cheaper than sea vessels do today in the oceans of earth. One of the new building sites that would emerge would be the interstellar ark building site in a moon orbit. Another fascinating building site would be that of a Teller-Ulam driven mass compression device far beyond Neptune, that contracts huge masses, exceeding all limits. Interstellar space travel and black hole power plants are within reach now, in the next decades or before the century is over. The number of years only depends on the fact if pure fusion weapons are already in the arsenals available or have to be developed first. There are people who know that – ask them.

This are the space program related articles by Monstermaschine:

  • Methoden zur Ueberwindung stellarer Distanzen (article in german language about all possible ways to our neighbouring stars and their planets)
  • The Nomad Fusion Reactor (new nuclear fusion power plants on the moon that finance the trillion dollar interstellar space arks by providing the cheapest primary energy ever)
  • Transporting Heavy Duty to the Moon (the prove it is possible to carry tenthousands of tons of materials and machines to the moon by means of chemical reaction propulsion at affordable cost)
  • A Flying Construction Platform (a nuclear pulse detonation driven platform based on the moon that delivers material to the interstellar space arc building sites in moon orbit)
  • Flying Platforms with Nuclear Pulse Propulsion (as soon pure fusion detonation becomes available the flying construction platforms can start from earth, too, and can become even bigger – space faring becomes cheaper than sea faring, then – introduction of the Thermal Machines Wastage Specific Cost factor proposed by rocket engineer Peter Mueller)
  • Why Mankind must not fear the Pure Fusion Bomb (article that explains that the Teller-Ulam nuclear fusion principle will always remain the most effective because of unshiftable physical reasons, so it is the ideal space drive – a list of pure fusion applications, also for space, is implied)
  • The Shark and the Caveman (Peter Mueller has invented a machine to build artificial black holes by the application of the Ulam principle, these tiny black holes can be used as endless power sources or effective defence weapons against any kind of alien invasion)
  • A short approach to space launchers (a classic chemical rocket design by engineer Peter Mueller, in this case as simple and safe as possible, to provide fast space access for any small country and any medium sized company on earth)

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