Nuclear Fusion Energy

Monstermaschine is THE think tank for the development of REALISTIC nuclear fusion energy plants. They all rely on fusion energy from atomic detonations, that is available for over 60 years now. They are cheap, practical, efficient, safer than any of today’s nuclear energy plants and the best: they work.

There are three principally different types:

  1. Big plants on the moon that use classic big Hydrogen bombs with plutonium primaries and up to 99% fusion energy. They are named Nomad Fusion Reactors because they use the moon rock as natural long time radiators and ‚move on‘ with the time.
  2. Smaller plants on earth that can be built by means of classical civil engineering and underground mining technology. They are cooled with water and therefor do not have to be moved. They are using specialized non-storable non-deployable nuclear detonators (so called Civil Nuclear Dynamite) to minimize the risk of nuclear terrorism on earth.
  3. Pure Fusion plants that replace number 2 and making them even more save and cheap. They can also be built in the Antarctic shelf ice or on the moon (Nomad Fusion Reactor principle, replacing number 1). They are the cheapest and safest solution for the energy provision problem ever, because they need no plutonium or breeded natural uranium as primaries. They are the PERFECT fusion energy source.

Number 1 is the invention of Peter Mueller. He has found this way of fusion energy provision to avoid big and heavy radiator fields, that had been the ultimate no-go criterion for nuclear high power reactors on the moon until now. But now it seems possible to build big nuclear fusion power plants on the moon. To prove that it is also possible to bring up all the necessary machine parts by the use of today’s chemical rockets, a detailed article can be found, where an old idea, Prof. H.H. Koelle’s Neptune heavy lift launching vehicle, is renewed, written by Peter Mueller, rocket engineer.

Peter Mueller has also invented number 2 by his own, but later he found, that he had only re-invented it and that there had been early plans in the 50th and detailed secret plans in the USA of the 70th of the last century to build such plants. But the totally new types of non-storable and non-deployable liquid fuel detonators to use in such energy plants to minimize the risk of misuse, the so called ‚Civil Nuclear Dynamite‘, is completely his own invention.

Peter Mueller is also the first engineer who proposed number 3 – the use of pure fusion detonators – in public to make nuclear explosion plants the safest and cheapest nuclear energy source ever. And he is also the very first – as he knows – who proposes pure fusion nuclear power plants deep in the shelf ice of Antarctica. This is a ‚technically sweet‘ idea, because it is surrounded by it’s own working and cooling medium that is not activated by neutron radiation. So Antarctica would in every sense not become radiated or polluted by the nuclear pure fusion detonation plants deep beneath its surface.

What works in Antarctica well also works on the moons of Jupiter, Saturn and Neptune. The Antarctica fusion detonation reactor is the prototype for a standard fusion plant in our solar system and for all known planetary systems in the Galaxy. Wherever we will go to and settle down we can use this fusion energy plant very easy. This is because it is as simple as possible and only as complex as absolutely necessary.

Here comes a list of Monstermaschine articles about nuclear fusion power plants:

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