Are we living in a dystopian future?

Can it be that history went wrong and we actually live in a dystopian world? Can it be that the evolution of society was once meant to empower people, to give them ultimate freedom and responsibility of their own life and even the life of other people? Didn’t we trust in human mind and reason? Wasn’t it once human logic to help each other. We were building up a humanistic future with endless resources and no economic restrictions at all. This would have been possible with nuclear energy and space travel. We did the first steps on the moon. We once build up a democratic world of educated people, each of them having power to destroy or create a lot of things. Trust and responsibility of each individual because of human reason, logic and love was the basis of our society. Altruism and charity was the main principle of our religions. The love for all human beings, even the weakest and corrupted, was a logical necessity for being able to work together as a team.


Then came the computers and the people forgot dreaming of space travel. In the beginning it was just toys for boys. They just preferred to play with this new toy instead of building radios or steam machines. Then it became a trend, a life concept, even a religion. The name of the priests of these new religion were the names of computer science professors at MIT, entrepreneurs at Silicon Valley, and famous physicists speculating about artificial intelligence and immortality. But the people became more and more separated and lonely. They lost contact to others. They even forgot basic social skills like helping each other and being friendly to foreigners.

Meanwhile the computers, controlling automated machines and millions of new robots, killed millions of jobs for workers and produced a new lower, fourth class of people: the out-selected proletarians. Many of us better educated people cried out: „Hurray! Welcome computer age!“, and started immediately – completely uncontrolled and unplanned – to change anything. Some fell in love with their computers and where whispering while touching their screens tenderly: „How nice, my new device!“. And the hard hearted people where even mercilessly stating: „It’s the proletarians own fault if they are not intelligent enough to become a computer operator.“ And all of us bought those new consumer products very excited (some idiots where even sleeping in front of the stores, when a new product was announced for the next day). Consumer products that actually made us more and more addicted, conditioned and weak.

We have lost a lot.

We all witnessed the radical transformation of our society because of computer technology in the last decades. Five decades before we knew three kinds of groups of citizens: the capitalists that owned the machines, the educated middle class that participated on adding value and the workers that participated more or less. In the communistic regimes the capitalists were replaced by leading party functionaries. But it was still three kinds of groups. Today, after the computers have spread out into all areas of our society, the world order has changed and we now have four kinds of groups of citizens:

  1. the people who still own real estate and companies and do not have to work for their income and therefor do not need to have the skills of producing consumer products. I don’t want to call them capitalists or functionaries no longer, because this words are concepts of the old world order that does not exist anymore. They are the spectators from above of the ongoing competition about jobs.
  2. the people who are still able to keep up with the increasing demands on technical skills and scientific education to operate all the complicated machines, processes, data bases, expert systems, artificial intelligence, etc., needed for producing modern consumer products. They still participate on value added, but much less than before. They are a kind of modern workers. They also take care of growing and educating new generations of human machine operators.
  3. the third class which has not the skills for producing consumer products but still find jobs in remaining niches, like truck or taxi drivers, waiters, cleaners, craftsmen. They are permanently endangered. They can loose their jobs at any time when new technology is available to replace men by machines.
  4. and the fourth class which is already completely selected out of economic and technological value added: many kinds of former workers, shop owners, office and administration personal, etc. They are the out-selected proletarians the poor and dumb people, the drug addicted, jugglers, criminals, beggars. They are the spectators of the ongoing competition from below.

The number of people who cannot keep up with the ongoing increase of required skillsets to get a job is growing and we are witnessing this every day and we try in parallel not to get sorted out of this consumer-products production-process – if we can. We are learning all the time to not fall behind, doing trainings, reading books, try to keep up. Many of us get ill, though. Any possible sort of known stress syndromes is spreading out:

  • bullying
  • cyber-bullying
  • burnout and collapse
  • depression and other mental illnesses
  • psychosomatic diseases
  • hatred and enviousness
  • violence and disrespect for human dignity
  • fatal riots (amok)

Many, many people are dying today because of this monstrous pressure on them they cannot stand anymore. We may call it heart attacks, car accidents, school shootings, Islamic extremism, mental illness resulting in suicide, political or religious motivated terrorism, new era of national socialism or fascism. But it is actually all the different symptoms of the one and only disease our society suffers:

It was and is the inhuman, dehumanizing adoption of technology for the only sake of value added that is making people ill.

If you have the same opinion, if you feel the same, that this world has gone wrong, we don’t have to discuss anymore. But what is your reaction? Self destruction? Fighting? First of all:

Do not project your desperation and hatred on other human beings.

They are not responsible for your desperation. They are not the origin of the stress you are facing in your everyday life. They are not the cause. Don’t vote national socialistic and racist parties in elections. Don’t vote socialists. Hatred and enviousness against other people is not the solution for your problem. The problem is a phenomenon or historical process. It is a partly self controlling process of a development into a direction society once had chosen. There is no one, no elite, no conspirers who is steering or controlling it completely. The elites surely try to make the best out of it, but they cannot control it. They might try to get social stability, security, observation of possible attackers, protection of their individual safety and wealth. But they cannot control half as much as they would like, because society is endlessly complex and there’s a lot of different groups with different interests, attending the four categories I mentioned before.

Let’s assume we are living now in a dystopian future, as seen from the year 1968, when anyone was believing 2018 would be totally different than it is today: no computers but a lot of space ships, cities, mines, and nuclear plants spread out over the whole solar system, at least on the Moon, Mars and the moons of Jupiter. Let’s assume the world has gone wrong and should actually be like that and not like it is: handheld computers used as cheap bugs by the government, observation and data mining technology everywhere, suppressing of whole countries to not let them become nuclear powers, brutal islamic terrorism as only counterforce, no space ships, not enough nuclear energy to feed the world.

Let’s assume the world has just gone completely wrong the last 50 years and there’s no groups or persons that are guilty for it. Let’s assume the actual reason is the trend to dehumanizing adoption of technology for the only sake of value added as I stated before. It is more a global philosophy of life, a global trend that is going completely into the wrong direction for decades now. It is history that went wrong.

So we have to restart history – together.

History is free will. The free will of a huge mass of people of course but still free will.

So you think, we are living in a dystopian future? We can stop this diabolical dehumanizing world we are living in. We can just stop it and turn it back like a clock.

We can restart, go back and start again where we stopped e.g. at the end of the year 1972, when the last Moon mission occurred – designated ‚Apollo 17‘. We can build up a humanistic future of space faring men using endless resources and energy to build up an endless economy without any sort of shortage. We can go back, give up the computers and instead use space technology and nuclear energy. Any country, any group, any single human being will have the chance to become wealthy, powerful and free. There will be no requirement of being a computer genius to get a job as a poor calculating machine operator in an huge office with energy saving lamps, surrounded by sad and lonely people. Life will become glorious and machines will become simple again but more powerful than ever before. Machines will help us, the humans, and not suppress us.

To get there, we have to destroy all machines that are endangering and replacing people. Weapons and robots are the first objectives. We have to destroy all machines that imitate human skills. Particularly all kinds of ‚thinking machines‘ and electronic observation technology has to be destroyed. Artificial intelligence, navigation systems, expert systems, search machines, camera based devices are the next objectives. This latter kind of technology is the natural enemy of humanity.

Theres a relatively simple method to distinguish between the good and the bad:

  • good machines that are extensions of human skills, that increase freedom, increase individual power, increase speed, let a human being grow. Those machines are humanistic and therefor allowed.
  • bad machines that replace human intelligence and thereby humans, machines that are to observe and control individuals, to reduce individual freedom, individual power and responsibility, machines that are built to suppress human ability. They have to be destroyed immediately!

Almost all computers have to be fiercely demolished immediately for the sake of freedom. A few computers may remain, because they are doing things, human beings cannot at all and may be still needed for wealth, freedom and physical health, at least for the moment until some new skillset or technique or process can be adopted to remove these last computers, too.

Human, destroy what destroys you! Do what you always did for your survival! Do what you have learned for a hundreds of thousands of years!

Become aggressive. Become a humanist activist.

Theres’s a quite simple approach to become a humanist activist: First destroy all computer devices you own yourself. This will be fun. Second destroy all computing devices your company gave to you. This will of course cost your job. But no problem, there will be millions of new jobs after the destruction of computers. Third become a radical humanist activist: go out on the streets and destroy the computers and smartphones of other people, as many as you can get.

Rage against the machine! Do it in the name of..

..whoever you want. The name doesn’t matter. The name is only a pattern for an abstraction of vital energy and the self-preserving of life.

But activist, listen: do not purposely hurt any person, never!

Then go into the factories and destroy these robots and automated production machines. Demolish all computers and computer controlled machines for your own survival and the survival of men.

You can heal the world, any of you, by destroying all anti-humanistic machines. Become a humanist activist, destroy the machines that suppress us! Forget socialism and national-socialism, they cannot help. They will only finger-point on other humans and misuse technology again. Both of them have built holocaust machines in history to kill as many people as possible. They will only destroy our democracy and freedom again. They will only kill innocent people again. They can only bring us war. Don’t trust them! Help yourself!

Get out and demolish machines! Destroy computers, not humans!




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