How god created the universe

A harmonic method of creation

Let me explain how I understand after the newest physical discoveries, how god is creating life and anything else in the universe. I will show by logical argumentation how easy the creation process in the universe is performed. It is incredibly simple and god and anyone who is extremely powerful (and hopefully permitted) could also do this creation of worlds.


Let’s call this beings with a permission to create worlds ‚the gods‘, even if you might prefer to call them ‚angels‘ or ‚gods servants‘ because of religious reasons. Later I will call them a little bit profane ‚the maintenance team‘. To visualize the explanations of necessary basic physics to understand my theory I will use some popular youtube videos (no esoteric). These scientific facts are the parts, the bricks of my theory. The authors of these videos (most of them are scientists, some of them even university professors) did a very good job explaining quite complicated scientific principles in a descriptive but crystal clear manner. I cannot do the explanations better (and also my humble version would cost me years of writing) and therefor I use the links to their videos. Thanks guys for your didactic and scientific groundwork! I will bring the topics and contents of the videos into a certain logical order and fill the gap between them with some explanations by myself. In the end of my tutorial you will understand quite well:

  1. How the universe was created on a fabric of energy and space time
  2. How the creation of life works
  3. How we can proof by contradiction that the universe cannot be a programmed machine without an operator
  4. How LIGO proofed implicitly that the universe cannot be a perfect machine
  5. How the universe is maintained either by god or by a cosmic maintenance team

My ideas might sound a little religious or even esoteric in the beginning, but they aren’t. I use the methods of science and therefor my scientific theory can be falsified at any time. I call my improvising and creative scientific approach Science Jazz. It’s not meant for scientific beginners or lay men. I don’t want to explain already known things to a broader audience. To be honest, I think I would only confuse them. My articles are more for the already consolidated professional who is searching for inspiration. Because I try to reach an interdisciplinary audience, also philosophers and theologists, I think I have to explain the basics to bring anyone on a minimum necessary level of scientific knowledge. I think you can choose by your own, which explanations of mine or explanatory video links to other scientists you will need.

A little bit about shape and patterns

When I was much younger I recognized once that anything in the universe is about shape and it’s inherited symmetries. Science, linguistics, art, music, engineering, economics, sociology, all things we try to understand, we can relate to mathematics. We always find deep mathematical connections in the fields, for example between measurements and predictions. We also find mathematical connections between the fields as well. It is actually the case, that if you can do the maths, you can understand every field of knowledge of mankind very quickly.

Mathematics is a language that can explain and predict many things in physics, chemistry and biology. We can also understand our human natural languages better by using mathematical approaches. Grammar can even be reduced to mere mathematical patterns and then we get computer languages out of our natural languages. When we analyze what most of us recognize as ‚beautiful‘, we always find strong mathematical patterns in aesthetics and therefor in paintings and in our music. In fact our modern music, based on harmonics, developed by people like Bach, Werkmeister, Schönberg, is completely mathematically. All classic, jazz and popular music is based on this mathematical system. Engineers use mathematics to predict their creations to prevent fail or collapse. Economic use mathematics strongly as well and also does psychology and sociology.

But what is mathematics? It is only a simple language to describe shape – no more no less. But shape is the fundamental basis of anything in the universe! Stars and their planetary systems have a shape: a nearly perfect sphere. Galaxies have spiral shapes. Waterdrops, molecules, DNA, crystals, nuclear orbitals, water waves – we can write an endless list of things around us with simple and beautiful shapes. And there are also the more complicated shapes, so called fractals, that look at a first glance chaotic but become also a very logical and beautiful pattern, when we look into the details: snowflakes, branches of trees, leafs, skeletons, organs, coast lines, mountains, etc.

The following video shows an example of computer generated 3D-fractals:

I prefer this delicious fractal – the romanesco broccoli:


What is science, what is art, what is economics and engineering all about? It is bringing/recognizing the concept of shape into/within an apparently chaotic state of complicated things around us. If we can fit a clear shape over the complicated things we recognize, we start to understand them. Soon we find out, that the things around us are not that chaotic as they appear at the first glance. And when we once understand them on a deeper level we find even more shape within the objects. When we deal with complicated shapes we often find so called fractals. This means shapes that are based on the same shape over and over like snowflakes or branches of trees.

Shape helps us to understand the world. But is shape (and so mathematics) an invention of ourselves or was it always there and we are just recognizing it? This is a philosophical question that goes down into the deepest philosophical epistemology (perception theory). Most mathematicians think they are just reading in the book of god, when they read a mathematical proof. Even if the proof was found by a human being, it is universal in space and time. They assume any intelligence can read and write it and so does god. Because of reasons of humidity or modesty, they assume the mathematics and also it’s proofs they found, were all existing long before mankind started mathematical thinking. I beliefe the same.

But even if you tent a little bit more to the self convinced people who think mankind is creating it’s own universe by thinking and engineering and the things were not there before, or if you think there might be much more powerful species in the universe than us, we will discover one day: it doesn’t matter for my theory! There is enough space and time in the universe to allow them and even to allow humans.


First we have to understand how the universe works and of which material it is made of. Today we have a clear understanding of it’s behavior. We can describe the behavior of the universe and the behavior of it spacetime by mathematics. The theory of General Relativity, that was introduced in the beginning of the 20th century was the first simple mathematical description of the shape of the universe.

General Relativity is actually a system of partial differential equations that relate the energy of objects (including the mass) to the curvature of spacetime. Space time is curved. Any object with high energy (this can be high mass) can bend the spacetime in a measurable amount. Einstein described some physical phenomenons that were unexplained at his time: like the bending of light rays passing the sun and the so called precision of the perihelion of planet Mercury. He also predicted the gravitational time dilation, that tells us that and how a clock in a gravity field is ticking a little bit faster. This was proofed just after the invention of atomic clocks, that were precise enough to measure the deviation of time in the relatively weak gravitational field of our planet Earth. This gravitational time dilation is technically used in the GPS satellite navigation system and you probably use this prediction of the theory of General Relativity every day on the navigation maps on your smartphone.

The following video explains quite well how spacetime works. Keep in mind that we don’t know what spacetime actually is. But our mathematics is able to predict and calculate the shape of spacetime. And thereby we can understand a lot about it and about our universe! Even if we actually don’t know what space or time, what energy or mass is, we can measure energy, we can measure mass and we can calculate the shape of space and time out of them.

What is true for bigger, massive (high energy) objects is of course also true for smaller, lighter (low energy) objects: they are changing the curvature of spacetime, even it is only a little bit. Spacetime is an oscillating something and therefor there are waves, overtones, interferences, etc. In principal any smaller object could produce interferences to increase it’s own effect on spacetime by a positive feedback loop. I come back to this point later.

The next video will show you that in general relativity no gravitational force exists anymore. We are all traveling on straight lines through spacetime. When we are shifted a little bit in time by a huge energy source (like the mass of Earth) and feel the acceleration of spacetime under our feet we call this phenomenon ‚the gravity‘.

The last prediction Einstein did with his quite nice system of formulas was the prediction of gravitational waves. He predicted that spacetime itself would behave like a fabric that can oscillate. I mean not the things in the universe that oscillate, but the spacetime itself and so also the space itself. The space is really compressing and stretching and thereby oscillating all the time. This means also our earth is stretched and compressed all the time a little bit, but we cannot feel it, because so do we and also all other things and beings on earth. Physicists found a way to measure this oscillation of the spacetime and finally they could proof it, nearly one hundred years after it’s prediction.


Gravitational waves were one of the fundamental predictions of general relativity. They explained the universe as an oscillating system, as a dynamic system. The next youtube video explains, how scientists at LIGO proofed the existence of gravitational waves:

This is the sound of two colliding black holes:

This video explains very brilliant, how gravity waves are generated by two black holes spinning around of each other by nearly light speed:

This is a video where LIGO is introducing themselves and explaining their work:

General relativity is now complete. It is the best proven physical theory at all. Einstein was really that genius as everyone is saying.

Four-dimensional matter

The world is four-dimensional. Because we are three dimensional beings we can only recognize ‚a sheet of time‘ in space and this world is what we actually see and experience. But on the other hand we are growing from stem cells over children to adults and we recognize a flow and natural change of all existing things and beings during time. Therefor we recognize also the fourth dimension by its immanent effects. Time and space cannot be untangled that easy. Time is not just another dimension in space. We have no mere space and no mere time. We have four dimensions of spacetime. Three of them are mostly space-like and one is time-like but this is also interchangeable and a question of the coordinate system (the twin paradox refers to this). Time and the three dimensional space is just a nice simplification and works mostly well if you don’t handle higher energies.

How is the world build up in reality? How is the four-dimensional spacetime looking? We start with a simple object, the cube. The cube is defined by it’s nodes and angles. In 2D we call a cube a square and in 4D we call it a Tesseract (or more fancy ‚a hypercube‘). The following video shows how the Tesseract can be constructed and how it’s projection in the ’normal‘ three-dimensional space looks like.

Crystals of solid material are build up of simple forms. The most beautiful (most symmetric) crystals are build up internally by one of five regular polytopes (Tetrahedron, Cube, Octahedron, Dodecahedron, Icosahedron).

But there are also simple animals (protozoa) like the radiolaria or even viruses that use this perfect shapes for their structure:

In three-dimensioanl space exist exactly 5 regular polytopes. They are called the Platonic solids:

  • Tetrahedron
  • Cube
  • Octahedron
  • Dodecahedron
  • Icosahedron

In 0D there is only one regular polytope: the point. In 1D we also have only one regular polytope: the line. In 2D we have the triangle, the square, the pentagon, the hexagon, etc. – it’s an endless number of regular polytopes that converge the perfect cycle but never reach it. In 3D we already mentioned the 5 regular polytopes. In 4D there are even 6 of them. and in 5D, 6D, .. – towards nD there is always only 3 regular polytopes. So, we have a series of:

1, 1, ∞, 5, 6, 3, 3, 3, 3, ..

This is a strange series, isn’t it?

In the following video the professor explains us how the regular polytopes are constructed and why we get these strange series. It seems that any kind of surface (a two dimensional space) is predestinated to create any kind of shape. The zero and the one dimensional space seem both very boring to me, with only one perfect body that also defines the complete room itself. And the room dimensions from 5D to nD also seem to be less interesting with only 3 possible perfect bodies (in the video we will see, that it is always the representation of the same regular polytopes: tetrahedron, cube, octahedron). The most interesting rooms are 3D and 4D.

Now you should know anything that is necessary to understand the first point of my theory:

1. How the universe was created on a fabric of energy and space time

The best explanation I ever found was the following video. God created the universe and all shapes within the universe exactly the way like Steve Mould creates couscous patterns on his metal plate in his youtube video:

If you are clever you immediately got it, maybe after thinking a little about spacetime and the successful proof of gravitational waves by LIGO. If you didn’t get the idea read the text and watch the videos before. I will summarize my findings:

Spacetime is an oscillating medium. Like any oscillating medium it is possible to introduce any kind of frequencies and complicated overtone patterns into the medium, thereby creating any kind of shapes on it’s oscillating surface(s). If there is some dust available, that can concentrate in resonance patterns on the surface(s) of the medium, any kind of controlled formation of material is possible. In the beginning of the universe, after it cooled down sufficiently that hydrogen molecules could form, the game of creation started. From this moment on it was possible to get any kind of pattern and shape into the oscillating cosmic spacetime.

It is also possible to create even more complicated shapes on a surface when you use a tunable oscillation generator (be careful with your PC loudspeaker – mute the video):

2. How the creation of life works

The following video shows, how an oscillation can also form three dimensional objects. Here they use a so called non-newtonian fluid, i.e. a fluid that does not get more viscous linearly but exponentially. This means, when it is moved (oscillated) it immediately becomes a kind of a solid and becomes liquid again at rest. The object reminds a little on cosmic nebula or primitive creatures. And this is of course no coincidence.

The non-newtonian liquid in the loudspeaker is of course only a simplified model. Keep in mind that the fabric of spacetime is actually four-dimensional. Therefor you can not only introduce mere three-dimensional space-like shape. You can also introduce time-like shape, this means you can generate the change of shapes over time. In nature this is actually called growth. The growth of plants, the growth of animals, the evolution itself can be manipulated by introducing the right frequencies into the spacetime, if they are only complicated enough.

This goes quite well together with the newest findings in genetics. In the early beginning of genetics, scientists thought life would be completely programmed by it’s genes. This is wrong. Meanwhile the field of epigenetics shows impressive how different the expressions of the genetic code can be and how close genes interconnect with the ecologic environment. Even social circumstances can change the genetic inheritance.

When it comes to the shape of organs and life forms it is even weirder. We already know that the genes alone cannot produce the shape of organs or life forms. – It’s impossible. Only if we give the cells some shape from outside (a fabric, a mask, a plastic form), they grow as they should. Otherwise the result is only a mass of cells – just like cancer. There was always a kind of a missing link between genetics and actual living beings. But if the form of the upgrowth of life over time can be induced from outside by oscillations in spacetime, anything becomes possible now.

4. How we can proof by contradiction that the universe cannot be a programmed machine without an operator

So far, you know now how god created the first stars out of hydrogen by inducing the right oscillations into the cosmic fabric of spacetime. And you also know how he was able to create even more complicated shapes like galaxies, and (after some of the stars had burned down their hydrogen and created the heavy elements) how simple it was for him to create planets, moons, crystals, rock and any kind of complex shape within inorganic material.

You also got an impression how god was able to create the formation of liquid materials and of movement in time and even a directed growth of complicated life. Being aware that gravitational waves are not only a phenomenon of space but also of time, this should have been a quite comprehensible chain of thoughts.

But could it be possible that the universe is a very complicated machine? Could it possible that god created it once and then left it alone? We could assume, he created all necessary oscillations for the formation of stars, galaxies, planets and even life and then left the universe as it was and did something else in between. Some people even say god is dead.

I’m an engineer. I know what happens when we create complicated machines. Sometimes they have to be repaired. We can assume the universe was the perfect machine, the best machine ever created. But it also has to be programed somehow, if it should work forever by it’s own.

Part of the universe is programmed, indeed, as we can see in the star cycle and it’s creation of heavy elements, or as we can see in the programmed generation of enzymes and cell division by DNA. We can also consider the billion years long precisely working mechanics of a planetary system as well programmed machine parts.

But parts of the universe are obviously not programmed and many people, especially some atheists, have problems with admitting that and call the obviously not programmed mechanisms accidentally. When we talk about phenomenons like evolution, that occur on huge time scales, this creation by chance may be a possible explanation. But what is with all the complicated patterns and shapes in our world on a small time scale that are obviously not programmed, like the intelligence of swarms of animals, the inter-species life cycle of parasites, the formation of mind and consciousness in most of our young children, the evolution of man made culture, science and technology despite all throwbacks?

We can just ignore this, like the atheists typically do, and assume: the universe is a completely programmed machine and what is not programmed just happened by chance and there is no god necessary to keep it running. Did you ever hear about Alan Turing and the halting problem?

Alan Turing was one of the biggest computer geniuses ever. He was also thinking about the problem, if a programmed machine could at least recognize by itself unambiguously, if it will halt or if it will loop forever. To halt means that any thread of the program would come to an end and the complete program would once return back to its master program or to it’s operator. Loop forever would mean, the program and the computer crashed. He found a logical mathematical proof that showed us, it will never be possible to predict in advance, if a machine will work fine and once halt or crash on some day.

The following video explains Alan Turings proof by contradiction that no machine – even not a perfect machine – can be created, where the creator knows in advance if it will always work. Here a perfect machine means that it will not be exposed to aging or wearout.

We know the universe is completely mathematical, we can describe the shape of many things we discovered by beautiful mathematics. If we assume mathematics is no creation of ourselves and was there before, then the same rules are also valid for god and he cannot predict his computer – as we cannot.

So under the following assumptions:

  • god created an at least partly programmed machine called universe
  • mathematical logic is also valid for god as for any other intelligence
  • the machine called universe is perfect (it is not exposed to wearout or aging effects)

.. Alan Turings proof, that the halting problem can never be solved, is also valid for god and he would never know if his perfect universe will always work or once crash. So he should better not leave it alone.

4. How LIGO proofed implicitly that the universe cannot be a perfect machine

But it comes even worser when we think about the overall stability of the universe. In the sixties of the twentieth century a new mathematical field developed: chaos theory. Since then we know that there cannot be perfection in dynamic mathematical systems.

If a dynamic system is complex enough (and this is already valid for a simple double pendulum!), chaos can create completely new unpredictable patterns and even sudden dynamic collapses are possible. Chaotic mathematical objects, called attractors, create new complex shapes and behavior that is not forseeable.


Since the proof of gravitational waves in 2016 by LIGO we know now implicitly that the complete cosmos is a dynamic system. Therefor it cannot be perfect and must contain a certain amount of chaos. Chaos means that unpredicted changes of the initial state can suddenly occur.

Since LIGO we have certainty about the dynamic behavior of spacetime. This means, chaos exists in the innermost fabric of the universe. So, if either god wouldn’t be still alive or at least a remaining maintenance staff he once applied (you can call them gods or angels or whatever you like), the universe would have been already stopped working either by program crash or by a dynamic collapse. The universe is partly programed, it is dynamic, it is complex, so it has to be maintained.

5. How the universe is maintained either by god or by a cosmic maintenance team

Whoever or whatever god is, he has to be powerful. The energy one need to get the spacetime swinging is huge. But in any oscillating system there is also always the possibility to accumulate energy by interference and positive feedback loops. The best known example in engineering was the crash of the Tacoma Narrows Bridge, when a strong wind accumulated into a heavy oscillation and finally a dynamic collapse with the complete destruction of the bridge.

Cosmic engineers could be a kind of a highly skilled giant overtone singers, who can control their voice perfectly and amplify their voice by means of higher concentrations of energy provided by black holes as power sources. If you don’t know what an overtone singer is check out the following video of the overtone singer Anna-Maria Hefele:

Overtone singing can sound pretty cool:

The age-old maintenance team (the cosmic engineers, the cosmic overtone singers, the gods) could communicate to each other by shifting the phases of their songs. Their endless songs would spread out with light speed on the fabric of spacetime but the shift of the phase can be arbitrarily fast. By this communication method an instantaneous communication and control of the resonance patterns for the (re-)creation and repair of life in cosmic scales over thousands of light years is possible without any time delay.

Maybe these singers could even build up bigger waves of spacetime by directed chopping of their power sources to surfe on these waves with spaceships. Who knows what will be possible when we learn to control gravitational waves by music. First of all we have to learn how to create artificial black holes to have adequate power sources for the wave generation available. Read my article about the creation of smaller black holes out of perfect iron spheres with the energy of hydrogen bombs: The shark and the caveman. Cosmic engineering can be performed only by use of very powerful hydrogen bombs and their most advanced future product, artificial black holes that can reliably store their huge amounts of energy.

Musik is as old as humanity. The meaning of music, it’s importance for the future of mankind as cosmic engineers has become immediately obvious when we heard the very first sound of spacetime itself in 2016. The creation of an universe and of life needs literally endless amounts of nuclear energy but the techniques for the directed control itself are much simpler as we were were ever thinking – anyone who understands GTR and music can also understand gods harmonic method of creation.

Will we become cosmic engineers?

It is a long way that lays ahead of us. First the creation of big atomic bomb driven pulse ships, then the several hundred years long colonization of the planets followed by the creation of artificial black holes by thermonuclear means at the outer border of the solar system. The tenthousands of years long colonization of one part of the galactic spiral arm with black hole driven space arcs. Then the implementation of spacetime communication senders of planet size to enter the network of the old engineers and learning from them the art of seeding and weeding life forms on distant planets on distant stars. But we have to proof our quality with our philosophy, otherwise it may happen that we get weeded out by the old engineers before we will ever start deep space travel.

The End


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