Switching-off the internet

If you ever have read Huxley, Orwell or Bradbury in your life, then you know like me, why the sales of mechanical type writers today is increasing again. The more people are leaving the internet again, the better are the chances for democracy, freedom and peace. Internet was once a vision that has already failed. The internet has become a deadly trap.


But how can the internet be switched-off? – I mean globally.

A. Self-destruction by bots

If we are lucky, the internet will destroy itself, soon. How? Let me explain: today most of all data transfer is blocked by self-dublicating programs, so called bots. We cannot do anything against their accumulation. Their growth rate is just faster than our counter measures are. The only solution we had found so far was an ever increasing bandwidth. We can still build new networks faster than the bots can settle and occupy them permanently. When the internet itself is growing fast enough there should be still enough space for actual data (communication). Many people think the bots will once overtake the growth of the networks and finally stop and thereby destroy all internet communication. This would be bad for online banking, Whatsapp and buying things at Amazon but very good for our free way of living.

B. Global EMP strikes

What can we do, if this self destroying of the internet will not happen? Nations with enough thermonuclear weapons like China, US, Russia have the option to end the internet within only twenty minutes by the means of EMP. This means they can explode missile deployed hydrogen bombs over the big cities just on top of the atmosphere. No one will be hurt by the detonation and the fallout will be on a mostly non-lethal level but all internal electronic circuits within the range of the weapon (i.e. the earths horizon) will be molten immediately and if you ignite weapons over all big cities it will take at least a decade to build up a new internet. Enough time for political decisions and stopping the uncontrolled digital technology growth. Democracy will get a second chance.

C. Implementing the perfect virus

The other way is what some computer hackers propose: Constructing an ultimate virus, that infiltrates all systems and produces so much computing power on any processor that all computers in the world will stop working. It will also take years to get rid of such a virus. Only the computers that are virus-clean can be connected again. The only foreseeable practical solution is to oust all computers by law and delivering new, clean computers. This will also take more than a decade before a new form, a human form of an internet could be restarted. Implementing such a virus is a very complicated solution and not that straightforward as EMP is. We can only hope that one day a cryptologic genius will find a solution to destroy all servers and computing devices in the world.

D. De-centraliced approach by individual exit

The fourth and de-centralized option lies in your hand, dear reader: Even if the uncontrolled self destruction of the internet will never occur. Even if it will take decades until a big nation decides to stop the information age by means of a thermonuclear EMP strike. Even if the cryptographic genius who creates the ultimate computer virus will never be born. You can already do anything to protect your children. It’s very easy! You might not thought about it until now.

Just throw all your fashionable smartphones and ugly tablet computers into the trash bin! People who still use personal computers, either as modern replacement for type writers or computing machines for their technical calculations: remove the internet access permanently, ripp-out the WLAN antennas. Use USB sticks for data transfer, write post cards and letters and read newspapers! To be save, dicsonnect yourself and your family from the internet. Start convincing others that the idea spreads over the world.

I’m already preparing method D – first for my private life, later for my business. And you?


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