Internet and the self-destruction of men

How our virtual global village is pushing the social stress level to our natural self-destroying mode

When we currently look at our news messages we read nearly every single day about terrorism, about some young men wearing guns or knifes, building bombs or only using trucks and cars to kill as much people as possible.


Is this really terrorism? Terrorism as I know it from former times was defined as political or religious motivated groups of people, fighting for their goals with all means to produce much fear as possible. It is a form of asymmetric warfare, sometimes called „guerrilla warfare“, where non-regular paramilitary is trying to get maximum attention by minimum effort. I know that journalists will not like the next sentence and it is of course introducing philosophical questions about democracy, about free access to information, etc. but it is also the truth and any serious journalist is aware of it: Media and terrorism build together a symbiotic system. Terrorism cannot exist without media.

Terrorist are groups of people working and living together in a subculture. They have clear goals. These goals can be: to topple a government, to free an occupied country, to take revenge for former harm or ongoing suffering. Do these young men, we see now nearly every day in the news, really have clear goals? The only goal we see at the moment is, that they try to kill as many people as possible in a short time, before specialized police units arrive and kill the young aggressors immediately. Sometimes these poor guys cry something like „Allah“, before they bomb themselves into thousand pieces or before they are shot by snipers or killing themselves. But are they really religious motivated? Did they ever had contact to a religious or political group? I don’t mean with contact, that they have once read some webpages of ISIS. When crying „Allah“ and dying these young men and the symbiotic media, which broadcast their brutal work all over the planet, produce the other side of the medal: the mad Nazi terrorists like Anders Breivik, also a young men, who killed 77 liberal oriented teenagers and students in Norway, thinking he would save his own country by killing lots of young people.

Normally we are social beings. Men is a kind of a social animal, living and working together. But not only men is this kind of social animal. In biology there are many species known, who build up huge societies with complex internal mechanisms. One mechanism is very common: when the space and resources are becoming sparse, many of the individuals get automatically into certain self destroying modes. For example many animals kill either other adult specimen or just their infants (infanticide). The destruction of eggs is called ovicide. The latter always involves but also the other mechanisms often involve the consumption of the sacrificed individuals and is called filial canibalism.

There are also species known with kinds of altruistic self-sacrificing mechanisms of individuals, when resources become sparse. There are even legends of group suicide in animal kingdom. In the sixties it was published, lemmings would perform group suicide, but this could never be confirmed. But there are other varieties, which obviously and confirmable are dying together in bigger groups, where scientists are still wondering, why they do so.

Social species get into self-destroying mode because of high stress levels. I mean the self-destroying of the species, howsoever it is performed practically by either suicide or killing. For example, when the resources get sparse, individuals start fighting for food or water. The stress level is raising with the time. From a certain stress level on they start killing each other or themselves.

Coming back to the most developed animal on earth, ourselves. What happens with us, when our resources get sparse? What are we doing, when for example we have nothing to eat? We behave exactly the same as other social animals do. Normally we work close together and as a group we are much more efficient to use natures resources than we are alone. But when resources get sparse or we are to many, we start either killing or self-sacrificing. Self-sacrificing was very rare in history, but killing was not.

Most of all wars in the world were because of sparse resources, most of all wars were because of stealing fertile soil from another country and killing as much of the ‚enemies‘ as possible to rob their resources from them. But actually from a point of view of population dynamics we could just say: there are no enemies at all, only concurrents in an ecological system. One could say, the image of the ‚enemy‘ is only an linguistic invention to be able to project all kinds of fears and hatred on other human beings to be able to do the necessary cruel and brutal things to preserve the own tribe. From a mere population dynamics point of view war can be interpreted indeed as a regular and necessary reduction of individuals. But this reduced view is of course quite cynical.

What is happening with us in a war? We are facing barbarian conditions. We see brutal and perverted pictures every day. Slaughtering, plundering, rape and killing of children and women everywhere. Some of us get mad during war times. Some of the mad men just starve or getting killed because of complete disorientation. Some of the mad men start slaughtering and killing as much men, women and children as possible. This is war as we know it from our history and from the news.

How can normal people transform into fierce killing machines during war times and afterwards becoming normal people again? Where does this on-and-off-switching of madness come from? Psychologists have an answer: It is coming from the pictures and signals around us. It is only the pictures that are entering our eyes and settle down into our deepest subconsciousness, becoming part of our dreams, of our emotions, of our personality. If these pictures are cruel enough they alter our stress level. The stress level can get into regions where it affects behavior. In short: We only have to see enough of theses brutal pictures until we become another mad men, killing as much people as possible.

What I was just writing is of course a simplification and there are scientist who try to understand the exact mechanisms. Of course it depends to a certain level on the truth of the pictures. We also have to believe in the cruelty and deadliness of the pictures we see. When we are in the middle of a war zone this is not a question. But what is with all that pictures in the modern media: news, reports, youtube videos. These are the non-fictional pictures. They show us the reality. With these pictures we are informed what is going on in the world.

And what is with the fictional pictures from movies, TV series and computer games? What happens to us when we have the certain knowledge that any pictures and sounds can be manipulated and photoshopped, even complete video sequences, even the voices of people. Do we automatically start doubting on all non-fictional pictures, do we start doubting on the presented reality? Or do we start an – unconscious – believe in the fictional pictures because they are created on the same computers as the ‚true‘ pictures?

What is the secret behind all that cruel, barbarian, perverted pictures we see any minute on our internet accessing handheld devices? Today we only have to pull out a smartphone and get the latest news from all over the world. We could think we are living in the middle of a war zone. No, it’s not us, who could think in this way, it is actually the unconscious that resides deep inside us. It is the old animal within our soul that gets the signals to produce the necessary stress levels to get prepared for killing and slaughtering.

Our global village was once an utopian vision. How nice would it be, when we could talk to everyone everywhere and would always know immediately what had just happened on the other side of the planet. We would all live in a global village of nice and friendly people on earth. From now on we would understand foreign cultures, traditions and how other people think. We would constantly communicate and understand the problems of foreigners, former enemies, now friends. The global village would finally bring us everlasting peace. This was the vision.

Now we have the technology to interact 24 hours a day 365 days a year from point to point, getting information from all corners of the world. And what do we see? The following figure shows you the statistics of what is going on:


Since the electronic media have spread around the globe the number of counted so called ‚terrorist‘ incidents have risen from less than two thousand per year to more than ten thousand incidents. Some people say: it did not increase, it is only that we now know about it. But it doesn’t matter if the number of incidents was really increasing or only our information level. It even doesn’t matter if the incidents are confirmed as being true or not, as long as we believe that they are. Because for each of us the result is the same:

We see an increasing number of murder, killing, suicide, starving, war, slaughtering, rape, assassination, amok, disease, hate, envy, adultery, theft, blasphemy, perversion, pornography, abduction, abuse in the media and in the internet. Some of us get somehow addicted and can’t even get enough of the daily horror show and want to see more extreme pictures of cruelty. They are watching horror movies and playing extremely brutal video games.

The pictures of horror are pouring down on us day by day. And then comes the night and we dream again. Our subconsciousness does not know the difference between true pictures and artificial generated virtual pictures, especially when they look quite similar. And the next day we wake up and have incorporated part of this horror world into our soul. We see again all these pictures and another day and again and again. It is only a question of time until some of us just explode and do what nature wants them to do under such environmental conditions: killing as much people as possible.

As an engineer I have the responsibility to inform people about the drawbacks and dangers of technology. I was thinking a lot about the Internet. This is why I wrote this article. The internet is not good for us. It is permanently increasing our individual stress levels. Thereby it is transforming an increasing number of our children into well prepared mass murders. It’s not their fault. It’s only a natural ecologic mechanism they underly when they becoming mad and start killing. The numbers of these mad amok killers are increasing and there is no solutions at all for the problem. Transforming our countries into Orwell’s dystopia ‚1984‘ and trying to get total control over all individuals is a helpless and idiotic reaction that will fail.

The people who are chasing ‚terrorists‘ today are much more dangerous than the mad killers they try to stop. The irony of fate makes these policemen and agents to the actual destroyers of our democracies, a global damage that the terrorists alone would have never achieved.

I have found a very simple solution for the problem of ‚terror‘ and I know that many of you will not like my position, because of all the advantages the internet has brought to us. It’s comfortable, many things in life are now convenient, easy and cheap. But you have to understand that the internet is much more dangerous for us than a nuclear war can be. There is only one solution to end the ongoing global self-destruction of humanity, the solution is as easy as effective:

To stop the terror we simply have to switch-off the internet.

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