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Since Monstermaschine started at 23th of April in 2012, it is continuously inspiring leaders, billionaires and visionary of all countries in the world. Monstermaschine is THE think tank of postmodern humanistic ideas. It is spreading out valid ideas against the antihumanistic machine – we have unfortunately established more or less accidentally since the beginning of the digital age. Therefor some of the thinking, you will read in this blog, is quite important for the life of your successors, even if you might not understand, why, at this moment in time. I will try to present some of the most important ideas. Your great-grandchildren will surely understand.

First of all: Rock is an Ocean

You can conduct huge thermodynamic processes on planetary bodies of the solar system (and far beyond), which do not have any mentionable atmosphere and no liquid water at all by using the bedrock as capacity. Similar to the atmosphere and oceans on Earth, that buffer the heat of all thermodynamic processes of power plants and in the end radiates it into space, the bedrock on other planetary bodies can be used.

An anytime buildable explosive fusion power plant, that sets free heat in spherical underground caverns is probably the best candidate to do so. Very well proven technology for this kind of fusion power source exists since 1952. The plant wanders with the time in a big circle, deep below the surface of the celestial body. Like a chain of spheres, one cavern after the other is blown by nuclear explosives. One day, after at least several hundred years, cavern zero is cooled down to environment temperature again and can be reused. The chain of caverns is closing then and the circular process of explosions starts again. This power plant might become – because of it’s simplicity – the most important machine in the next hundred millenia of human history.

The building of huge power plants on other celestial bodies than our Earth was not possible up to now, because of thermodynamic reasons. Each bigger power generator in the gigawatt output range would have meant to carry millions of tons of dump metal sheet radiators with it, only to keep the machine in it’s necessary thermodynamic circular process. With the Nomad Fusion Reactor, that uses bedrock as an ocean, we have now unlimited access to huge amounts of electric power on any celestial body in the solar system and the whole galaxy.

Rock is an ocean – a very simple idea.

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Second: Speed of Light is not the Limit – but Age of Men

Many people do not accept the ultimate limit of the speed of light (known as letter c) and dream of space travel velocity faster than light (v > c). But there is another limit in physics, well known since the 19th century that limits the maximum travel speeds to only a small fraction of c: it’s Carnot’s law. Any machine that transforms heat into mechanical work, so any machine that transforms an energy source into acceleration, e.g. a space ship, has to emit a certain amount of the process heat into environment. If it emits less heat into environment than this pre-determined value, the machine would become automatically a perpetuum mobile: a machine that could be just run by itself forever, without feeding new energy. But this machine is impossible – shown by physics in several fields, theoretically and empirically, at least a ten thousand times. So, any space ship will always radiate heat into space and will only use a smaller fraction of it’s input energy for acceleration.

There is also a practical limit given by the construction materials heat capacity. The uttermost imaginable machine is a red glowing space ship, that scratches along structural stability collapse all the time (by softening up of materials due to heat). Such a red glowing space ship could reach a lower percentage of c – only well below 3% of the speed of light. This is the ultimate limit of space travel and is by far not 99,9% c. This means space travel to other stars will always be in a time range of several hundreds to a many thousand years!

Does this also mean, space travel will be impossible for mankind? No, because there is no physical limitation for a controlled breeding of long living men. It is easily possible to breed any kind of living creatures on earth over many generations to very long living individuals. And the same can be done with men over centuries and millenia. Mankind can become a space faring race just be transforming it’s life span over a long time by simple means.

But don’t be afraid. We need no genetic science at all, or – even worser – a breeding and selection program for becoming long living beings. It’s simply the normal and individual selection of the partners that makes it possible. If we only get children at older ages, e.g. from 40 years on and even older, our children will become more and more robust and much older than us in the near future. This process is actually ongoing since hundreds of years. In several generations our children will survive several hundred years long interstellar flights. This is simple population-genetics and does not collide with physical laws or is in any kind against nature. It’s actually only becoming Methusalems again. But traveling faster than a small fraction of c is against nature and physics.

Becoming very old to reach distant stars is a simple solution for the problem.

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Third: A huge Stellar Ecologic System is determining the Development of Life on Earth

It is not only the case, that life came once from outer space, as Panspermia theory claims since the 19th century. – No, it is much more: our whole ecologic system is exchanging life in form of dauer stages across interstellar distances anytime in both directions.

Meanwhile we know, that even on earth life is storing dauer stages (spores, seeds, eggs) for several ten thousand years for outliving long climate phases, e.g. ice ages. Plants can grow again after more than 25 thousand years, stored in permafrost ground, even on Earth. And a permafrost ground on Earth is by far not the best place to store life forms. A much better place to store life forms is a comet. Deep inside a perfectly vacuum-dehydrated comet, radiation is far less than on Earth (where we have always diffusing radioactive Argon gas from the core) and the temperature is also far below the temperature of water ice on Earth – actually a little more than 0 Kelvin. Perfect conditions to store life over periods of millions of years!

But how can life forms get into space? How can comets be shot from permafrost grounds of planetary bodies into space? This is also quite simple. We already know, that under certain angles, speeds and minimum masses of impacts of bodies from space, new material is shot from the ground of the planet into space. And so we found at any place on Earth comets from Mars and Moon. – Only Mars and Moon because we know their chemical composition from samples. But we can be sure: there is much more material from other worlds laying around.

Every day, anytime, since four billion years, material from distant stars and extrasolar planets also goes down on Earth, and of course here and there also brings alien life forms with it. Regularly, when bigger bodies hit Earth, there is also Earth life as dauer stages (spores, seeds, eggs) shot into space, heading toward distant extrasolar planets. If these journeys take a million years or longer, this doesn’t matter at all. In the end life will survive the long journey as dauer stages and will grow again on a distant world.

It’s a quite fantastic and wonderful idea: we all might be part of a huge interstellar ecological system that has very long dynamic response times. But it responses – we are probably the living proof of active response.

Yes, men might be natures answer for establishing a more directional, more broadband transport of life between distant oases of life. From now on a scientific verifiable definition of sense of human life exists.

This is very important news.

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Monstermaschine will tell you more..

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