Welcome on my philosophical blog. My favourite themes are fusion energy, ecology, sociology and computer criticism, theology as well as rocket science and interstellar space travel. My name is Peter Mueller, I’m an engineer from Berlin, Germany. I am inventor of the logical extension of ecology, the so called Stellar Ecology [1], that considers the numerous interactions of a planetary ecologic system with the surrounding neighboring extrasolar planetary systems and space. Stellar Ecology gives mankind a simple, logical and very beautiful sense in life..

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I have proposed a way to interstellar space travel not by increasing travel speed but by Naturally Increasing the Lifetime of the Interstellar Travellers. This way is accessable and does not violate physical laws [14]. Vice versa, nature had ever, since the beginning of life, foreseen population genetic mechanisms to simply breed long living creatures and also human beings of extreme longevity [15]. The perfect interstellar fusion propulsion already exists: the nuclear pulse drive. It can be shown theoretically that none of the proposed continuous fusion drives can never reach it’s efficiency [16].

I’m the inventor of the idea of civillian Nuclear Dynamite based on pure fusion [3]. I have invented theoretically nuclear standard detonators that are not practical as weapons but only as a very save and reliable nuclear fusion energy source [4]. The Nomad Fusion Reactor is one of my inventions, it is an underground fusion reactor on the moon that doesn’t need any heat radiators, which are normally the criterium for exclusion of any power reactor on the moon. The powerplant uses the bedrock as long-time radiator and is based exclusively on 60 years old well proven available nuclear fusion technology and no Tokamak or Stellarator or other similar continuous fusion attempts that do not work [5]. I invented the Antarctic Nomad Fusion Reactor, an earth based pure fusion version of the Nomad Fusion Reactor [6]. I have continued and supplemented the idea of the famous Orion nuclear space ship to a giant Nuclear Pulse Propelled Flying Platform made of construction steel and concrete, propelled by pure fusion detonations, 100 times faster and 10,000 times cheaper (per kilogramm payload cost) than any space ship ever. The Nuclear Pulse Propelled Flying Platforms make the so called Space Elevator useless [7].

To close the time gap until the ultimate flying platforms become the universal transportation standard I have invented the design of a very Simple Carrier Rocket that provides space access as easy as possible for any of todays non-space fairing nations [8]. It is one of the most simplest space launcher designs ever and avoids problems that other simple designs in history had. In the field of rocketry I have also introduced a new so called Thermal Machines Wastage Specific Cost quantity, it easily gives a very good specific cost estimation for reusable space launchers (nuclear or chemical) by considering the finite life time of thermaly stressed machine components [7]. The relatively short life time of all hot rocket subsystems is mostly unconsidered and therefor the operation cost is usually much higher than planed – the Therm. Machines Wastage Spec. Cost quantity can help to estimate if and when reusing stages or complete systems makes sense.

I have also invented Geopolis Colarado, a simple urban model of a self-sustaining city built on todays standard agricultural greenhouse technology that can easily accomodate over 7 bilion citizens alone on the area of Colorado. When used as a standard model it can offer many hundred billion humans a life in very high prosperity and ecological balance on 25% of the land area of planet earth. 75% percent of the continents and 92% of earth can remain natural wildness when mankind reaches the one trillion boundary [2].

One of my inventions is the idea of living machines (Monstermaschine), based on artificial DNS as a superior competitor to the intelligent robot, the morbid ideal of the self-proclaimed Transhumanists [9]. I have found a new and additional interpretion for the Sermon on the Mount (Bergpredigt) [10] and did a fundamental theological experiment that directly led to the Book of Job (Hiob) and the result that in the end of all doubt and disbelief a mere and clear dualistic question on the origin of everything remains [11]. I have also developed a theory that it might be possible that our so called artificial intelligence is rather a biological parasite that emerges out of dynamically chaotic processes of discretization than a men-controlled deterministic phenomenon. The bible and the old legends might have warned us against it [12].

One of my most speculative inventions is a machine which I call The Shark, that builds small black holes by utilization of the Teller-Ulam pusher principle. But it is possible at any time to calculate and disprove it by the well established laws of general relativity and quantum mechanics [13].

The symbol of this blog is the Horus.

[6] Antarctic Nomad Fusion Reactor (at the end of the article): https://monstermaschine.wordpress.com/2012/09/25/why-mankind-must-not-fear-the-pure-fusion-bomb/
[12] Biological Parasite called Artificial Intelligence: https://monstermaschine.wordpress.com/2013/07/02/deus-ex-machina/
[16] When I was writing my article [14] I was not aware, that the pulse propulsion will allways be the most efficient nuclear space propulsion, because I didn’t know any QED (quantum electrodynamics) until then.

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