More Airtraveling with Monstermaschine

Some more airy pictures I shot playing with the manual settings of my camera (copyright only with my explicit written permission). After the joyful and satisfiying experience of ignoring automated functions of modern cameras and learning photographing from the scratch I recommend: First buy a good book about photographing, read a fiew weekends about aperture, shutter speed, ISO number, color temperature, flash intensity and flash number values  and understand the 6  most important rules of thumb (indicated):

  1. the aperture number series (1/2 exposure with each increasing number): 2.8 – 4.0 – 5.6 – 8 – 11 – 16, etc.
  2. aperture-16-rule (and similar rules): a sunny summer day about  noon means A16, 1/100, ISO100
  3. exposure calculation: A16-1/100-ISO100 = A11-1/200-ISO100 = A11-1/400-ISO200 = A8-1/800-ISO200 = A8-1/1600-ISO400 = A5.6-1/3200-ISO400 = A5.6-1/400-ISO50, etc.
  4. flash exposure rule: distance = flash-number/aperture; aperture = flash-number/distance; flash-number = distance * aperture;
  5. flash intensity settings (1/2, 1/4, etc.) change the aperture value and not the flash-number, e.g. 1/2 means from A11 to A8
  6. the color temperature of daylight is around 5000K to 6000K, lamps are around 3000K, neon light is around 4000K, higher values than those (e.g. over 6000K) make colors warm, lower values make colors cool

All pictures you will see here are as they were shot and nothing is manipulated with the use of programs like Photoshop. Nothing against the art of manipulating pictures manually to create new impressions, I don’t like this at my own pictures, that’s all.

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