Airtraveling with Monstermaschine

Some airtraveling pictures that I have shot between 2007 and 2012. I had to fly to my working place on every Monday and Friday back. I flew more than 400 times in this 5 years. I bought a camera and shot half-automated at least 30,000 ugly pictures within the first two years. They were very, very bad because I couldn’t photograph at all and had to use some automatic functions of the camera. I threw them all away except only four (!) lucky strikes and started all over again. First I started reading books about photography and set back all camera functions to manual, even the flash and the autofocus. I set up a little private studio at home and learned a little about lighting, exposure, light temperature, composition, etc. Soon it was becoming more and more interesting. The 3000 pictures from number 30,000 to number 33,000 within the second two years were becoming slowly more and more beautiful and the 300 hundred pictures from 33,000 to 33,300 (approxiamtely) in the fith year they were what I allways wanted: to be able to express my thoughts with my pictures. This is a collection of them (copyright only with my explicit written expression).

All pictures you will see here are as they were shot and nothing is manipulated with the use of programs like Photoshop. Nothing against the art of manipulating pictures manually to create new impressions, I don’t like this at my own pictures, that’s all.

My experiences with computer aided – let’s call it by it’s name, artificial intelligence (AI) aided – photographs and later throughoutly manual photographs let me feel for the first time in my life, that computer do not help us, they only simulate that the user feels, he is no idiot in the field of knowledge he is entering. But he is! And a big idiot! Someone who didn’t learn the skills and the techniques can’t do absolutely nothing, if operating a camera or driving a motorcar, working on a PC or playing a music instrument. Today I’m convinced: computers produce idiots. Learning photography was my personal liberation and emancipation from AI. I’m deeply grateful to this wonderful fine art of photography.

Today I also switch off any assistant systems in my car or buy cars that don’t have them and drive only by my own. I avoid electronic music if it uses drum computers or preprogramed melodies and I plan to go back to good old command line Linux to regain certain minimum control of my PC. Of course I will never ever use smartphones, navigation computers or computer augmented reality devices (like those coming Google glasses) in my life. I think they are very dangerous for my brain, they are making me stupid and dependent. Computers with AI are no tools they are brain wash into stupidity. AI is no tool at all, it is not – as often said – a partial enhancement, it is a partial destruction of the human brain. If people had skills before, AI lets them forget and takes intelligence quotient number for number away from them. If they didn’t had any skills before, like young people, AI prevents that they ever get some and will ever increase their intelligence quotient.  They will remain AI dependent idiots for their whole lifetime.

Yes, the reason why I hate artificial intelligence and computer augmented reality devices as well as technical assistant systems so much, is because I have finally learned to photograph with my own skills and it would have been much faster, if such software didn’t exist at all. What a mere waste of time! Turn it off!


Ein Kommentar zu “Airtraveling with Monstermaschine

  1. Da will man ja glaich Reinhard Mey zitieren…. Ok, ich lass es. Jedenfalls eine sehr schöne Fotoserie, die mir meinen Feierabend schön versüßt.

    Gefällt mir

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